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Welcome to Physician Pricing

Panacea’s Physician Pricing system is the outgrowth of its nationally acclaimed Hospital Zero-Base Pricing® technology and services and the result of demand by its hospital clients ever growing Physician Practice business to assess and develop rational and defensible Physician charges. The system facilitates the development of cost based, RVU based, market based or hybrid based prices with extensive gross and net revenue modeling and "what-if" scenario capabilities. The system also leverages Panacea’s system which boasts CPT-4 level charge data for more than 30,000 Physician Medical Offices and Free-standing Facilities nationwide from which customized peer groups by specialty can be developed.

Did you know that Panacea Healthcare Solutions, Physician Pricing program is just one Charge Description Master ("CDM") service offered among a comprehensive suite at

Visit to find out about the additional synergistic modules listed below and services available. home page pic suite includes:
  • Coding & Compliance Module
  • Coding & Reimbursement Library & Alerts
  • Pharmacy Modules ( &
  • CDM Synchronization for Health Systems
  • Hospital Zero-Base Pricing
  • Consulting Services